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Numerous studies have shown how beneficial our pets are to us, helping many people live longer, healthier lives. But for hospital-bound children, being separated from a cherished family pet only adds to their feelings of confinement and disconnection. Though there are nearly 200 children’s hospitals nationwide, only a handful possess a dedicated family pet center where hospitalized children can safely reunite with their beloved pets. Animal companionship and therapy has been proven to help reduce stress, anxiety and depression while enhancing a patients’ overall mood and interactions. 

We are working to bring Brave Pets to children’s hospitals across the nation.

family pet reunion center

A truly one-of-its-kind concept, our mobile Family Pet Reunion Center breaks down the barriers that restrict hospital-bound children from their pet. In our state-of-the-art mobile center, children can reunite with their family pets in a safe and comfortable environment. Whether they want snuggles, playtime or everything in between, children can enjoy the company of their four-legged best friend and experience a furry distraction from their medical situation.

Now Seeking: Brave Sponsors

We are looking for brands and organizations to sponsor our Family Pet Reunion Center to help us bring our concept to life and get out on the road. If you are interested in helping us create “paw-sitive” moments for hospitalized children, we’d love to hear from you.

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