Creating Moments of Uninhibited Joy

We are barrier breakers

In a world where all children, especially those facing Complex Medical Conditions and those in underserved communities, encounter profound challenges, everyday tasks can feel like monumental obstacles to conquer.

Many studies have shown that children with Complex Medical Conditions have higher instances of low self-esteem, anxiety and depression. These children, and their families, often find it challenging to participate in activities, sports, or even just experience everyday life in the way their “normal” counterparts do. For children who undergo extended hospital stays, being separated from a beloved pet is another obstacle. Children in underserved communities are often hindered by the scarcity of resources and opportunities to realize their full potential.  

At Brave Like Me, we believe every single child deserves to live without limitations and experience moments of uninhibited joy. We have seen first-hand the sense of accomplishment a child feels when they’ve overcome a perceived obstacle or receive a book that helps nurture their self-esteem. We’ve also seen how therapeutic an interaction with a beloved pet can be. This is why we’re breaking down the barriers that often isolate these kids, by providing experiences built around their interests and their needs. Through our programs and services, we create ongoing connections and build relationships that empower kids, their families and friends to achieve more resiliency and a more fulfilling life.

Building connections that empower resiliency

Having the opportunity to connect with friends, achieve a new skill, build self-esteem, overcome a challenge or reunite with a beloved pet helps instill joy and build resiliency. Our programs are designed to break down the barriers that isolate children and are tailored to individual interests and needs, ensuring we’re able to create a safe, supportive and accessible experience for every child we serve.

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