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At Brave Like Me, we don’t believe in impossibilities. We believe in brave-possibilities. We possess big dreams, bold ideas and an unwavering drive to make them a reality for children with CMCs and their families. We might not always get it on the first try, but we’ll never stop figuring out how to make it happen. We bring our mission to life through our three main pillars of experiences: Brave Friends, Brave Pets and Brave Schools.

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Inspiring courage, bravery and hope

Though Brayden Otten was born with a congenital heart disease that necessitated ongoing medical treatments throughout his life, he exuded bravery, hope and love. Inspired by Brayden’s courageous spirit, Brave Like Me creates moments of uninhibited joy for children with Complex Medical Conditions. We are breaking down the barriers that often isolate kids with CMCs through meaningful and enriching experiences.

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Empowering children to realize their full potential

In a world where all children, especially those facing Complex Medical Conditions and those in underserved communities, encounter profound challenges, everyday moments and activities can feel like monumental obstacles to conquer. Our programs and services provide safe, supportive and accessible experiences for every child we serve.

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